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Tips From Veteran M&a Advisor On Selling Your Food Company

Tips From Veteran M&A Advisor on Selling Your Food Company

Account Manager at The Food Connector and food industry specialist Lloyd Oshiro talks with Michael Kessler of Tamarack Partners about what food company owners should consider when they sell their business and the #1 thing they must do. Kessler also discusses the sale process, average timeline, and why market conditions

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Thefoodconnector Digital Tools

The Tools You Need to Sell Through the “Digital Door”

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a premium on digital communication, especially in the foodservice industry. The front door might be closed, the back door might be closed, but the digital door is ALWAYS open. Companies with a digital presence are more prepared to pivot, communicate, and sell in the “Zoom”

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The Food Connector Nrm Podcast Foodservice Marketing

Best Practices for Successful Foodservice Marketing

Our own Ed Zimmerman recently sat down with Joe Issacs, Business Development Manager at NRM, to discuss best practices for successful foodservice marketing. Topics include: Leveraging digital marketing to turn cold calls into “warm calls” The importance of connecting with younger buyers How successful companies in foodservice have embraced technology

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The Food Connector Marketing

The Importance of Marketing in Tough Times

Marketing during tough times is essential to sustaining sales and supporting your customers. Below is a conversation with Chris Anatra from NECS about why marketing is more important now than ever. Topics include: What tools help food distributors market to prospects and existing customers Why it is so important to

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