Musings on the Foodservice Industry

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Connecting with Customers During COVID-19

In this COVID reality — how can you connect? First, what is connection? Dictionary.com defines connecting as “joining or linking things together, especially so as to provide access and communication.” Access and communication — having your product available for purchase and telling the story of WHY it should be purchased. Second, it

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Best Food Delivery Platforms

When it comes to food being delivered to your doorstep in times of hunger, there’s no playing around. It needs to be fast and right! Restaurant operators are always seeking new methods of attracting customers, and partnering with a food delivery servic…

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Foodborne Illness Increases in 2018

Food safety is crucially important to foodservice professionals. Each step of the supply chain from plant to plate provides an opportunity for foods to become inflicted with bacteria and illness. In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce in the food i…

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