Company Events and Convention Marketing

The Food Connector plans and manages company events, convention marketing, internal trade shows, chef and cooking competitions, and commodity board inspired contests. We plan, design, and execute innovative lead generating sales and public relations activities for you. We manage everything for food manufacturers, distributors, and processors as well as food-focused organizations and agricultural boards that are looking to raise their profile, to reach more customers, and to achieve goals more quickly.
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Strategy, Budgeting, Planning, & Execution

Develop complete marketing strategies, detailed budgets, operational plans, digital communications, and media tactics for food-related industry events. We connect you to the partnerships and sponsorships that will make your events have a proven ROI.

Position Your Business

Logistics & Schedules

Logistics & Schedules

Operational Plans

Operational Plans

Social Media Tactics

Social Media Tactics

Digital Communications

Digital Communications Designs

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Foodservice Industry Events, Tours, & Tradeshows

We work with your business to develop a strategy and a roadmap for successful events, industry tours, and for sales expo activities. We can design all the trade show, sales, and conference graphics and support materials. We manage communications, invitations, booth design, event logistics, and more.

Industry Events

Events Booth Design
Event And Tour Destinations
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Proprietary Contests & Competitions

We create and operate unique food-focused contests and cooking competitions including developing the format, judging, and hosting live events. And, design, develop, and manage special websites, email campaigns, social media, video production and print advertising to support the competition. We manage online, print, tv, and radio media relations to get your contest noticed and covered.

Contests Competitions

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Vendor Supported Tradeshows for Distributors

We help foodservice distributors develop and execute tradeshows and sales events using vendor co-op or partner marketing funds. We help expand reach, strengthen connections, and improve value for your vendor partners. We manage event strategy, calendars, communications, graphics, booth design, and logistics.

Vendor Support