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Important Things Restaurant Owners Should Know About Filtration

Sep 24 2018

Foodservice and restaurant businesses need to have good quality water. The quality of the food and beverages is why customers visit eating establishments regularly, so it’s crucial that they provide the best tasting food and drinks while maintaining proper hygiene every time, to every customer.

Because the taste and quality of the water that is used for food and drink preparation play such an essential role in the customer experience, it’s important that restaurants maintain a standard taste across coffee and tea machines, water coolers, and cold beverage fountains.

If you are a restaurant manager or owner, there are some important things that you should know and understand about water filtration. To help you, we have put together a list of five key facts that you need to know.

 What Water Filtration Systems Do

Water filtration systems help your restaurant or commercial kitchen by improving the lifespan of your restaurant equipment and by ensuring that the ice and beverages taste good to customers. Filtration systems are typically used on any restaurant equipment that use water and often including strainers (such as Y-strainers), cartridge filters, and other components. For example, ice machines, fountain drink dispensers, coffee makers, steamers, and dishwashers all benefit from the use of filtration systems.

As these types of equipment are used, mineral deposits – also called “scale” – will build up in the machines, which can cause breakdowns or other problems. Water filtration systems help prevent scale build-up as well as filtering the water that is used in the equipment. Ice will appear clearer and taste better to customers. Filtration removes chemicals, sediment, minerals, and organic matter from the water, which improves the taste and smell of the water you serve and decreases the likelihood of equipment breakdown or problems.

Water Filtration Systems Benefit Customers, Equipment, and Your Bottom Line

There are many ways that installing filtration systems benefits food industry businesses. Because water is essential to most operations in a restaurant or kitchen, from beverages and food preparation to cleaning dishes and glassware, a filtration system helps in many ways, including:

  • Improves taste – For customers, this is by far, the most important benefit. Filtration systems improve the taste of coffee, tea, and soft drinks, and the taste and smell of ice and drinking water.
  • Improves equipment lifespan – With a filtration system, it’s estimated that restaurant equipment maintenance and breakdowns are reduced by as much as 75 percent. That means fewer service calls and more efficient equipment.
  • Improves your bottom line – Filtered water will help you reduce energy consumption, detergent costs, and because you have fewer equipment breakdowns or malfunctions, you eliminate the risk of downtime. That, along with longer lifespans and fewer maintenance or repair calls, all add up to financial savings for your business.

Final Thoughts

Whether you run a small coffee shop or a huge industrial kitchen, it’s important that you have a robust water filtration system in place for your equipment. It’s good for your customers, your equipment, and your bottom line. Those are three very persuasive reasons for any food service business owners out there.

Author Bio:

Timothy McFall is the Marketing Manager at Commercial Filtration Supply. Commercial Filtration Supply is a distributor of industrial water filtration products.  Timothy has a great deal of knowledge regarding filtration products and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others via blog posts.