Now is the Time to Trim YOUR Menu

Letter National Restaurant Association

The pandemic has brought several new problems to the restaurant industry, such as lack of indoor dining, additional safety measures, and reduced capacity. In addition, it has put a spotlight on an existing problem for operators everywhere: menu bloat.

Large menus with dozens and dozens of items create indecision for customers and invite increased performance demands on staffs that are already thin. They distract from the core menu items that drive profit. The end result is a lower quality dining experience with lower check average and less profit.

Shrinking the menu is an effective strategy to save money through the pandemic. Cutting low-margin options off the menu while promoting high-margin items through limited-time offers (LTOs) will help restaurants financially survive.

Here are four topics to analyze when reducing the size of your menu:

Review the Items You Serve

Think about Margins, Not Simply Sales

What Will Customers Demand Tomorrow?

Ensure Your Data Delivers

The pandemic has made it more important than ever to find unique ways to boost profits. Implementing these strategies at your restaurant will help support a successful transition to a smaller menu, play a key role in growing profits, and help keep your doors open during these difficult times.

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