Through both words and images, The Food Connector partners with you to create compelling content & stories, creative designs, and programs that communicate the right messages to your target audiences. From digital marketing and refreshed websites to rejuvenated logos, packaging and brochures, and creative content development, our work has been known to cut through the clutter and make a positive impact on your business!

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Email Promotions, or ePromotions, are an effective way to highlight top products, reach new customers, and grow your business. These monthly promotions are sent to your complete list of existing customers and potential prospects. Delivered to mobile devices, tablets, and computers, ePromotions are a proven tool used to generate leads and empower your sales team in an increasingly digital world.

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Building Better Websites

Anyone can build a website today. The tools are free and easy to use. What you SAY and how you POSITION your business is what matters. Our experienced team of brand creators and food marketers totally understands the multi-audience perspective that your website must reach. The segments of operators that you serve, the distributors you seek to reach and your brokers each have unique needs. Our content, SEO techniques, and network capabilities keep your information relevant and easily searchable.

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Creative Design

Whether you are repositioning your brand or creating a completely new identity, The Food Connector capture’s your brand’s personality and essence with a clean design that reflects your corporate image. Sell sheets, brochures and trade show announcements all need design and professionally written copy. Our team features decades of food marketing and journalistic experience. The Food Connector design team creates pop and pizzazz for your collateral. We manage print and fulfillment as well. The Food Connector creates eye-popping packaging for your private labels or other new product lines. Dynamic packaging can really help sell more of your products to a captive audience. Great care is put into making sure the packaging integrates your brand identity, can move through distribution facilities with ease and appeals to your target audiences.

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Content Creation

Targeted, high-quality content is your gateway to profitable communication in the digital world. The Food Connector works with your team to broadcast central branding messages through creative graphics and detailed copy directed at key customer segments.

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Social Media Management

We help you set up your social media networks so that they work for you in building more customers for your distributed product lines. Be the expert in your market! Build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website with an active presence on social media channels.

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Digital Product Catalog

Reaching new customers in today’s digital world requires innovative selling strategies. The Food Connector provides the resolution to generate leads, reach new customers, and to sell more products to existing customers through a digital product catalog. An interactive product catalog, built into your website, empowers top prospects to contact YOU for additional product information, prices, and more. This proprietary online catalog offers a collection of unique benefits that promise to spark your current sales strategy.

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Connect with Prospects

Connect with Prospects with:

  • Digital marketing programs
  • Trending content and stories
  • Compelling calls to action
  • Value-added programs and events