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Services for Food Marketplace Operators

Working in the foodservice marketplace is a special and unique place to operate your business. Whether you are an organization supporting foodservice farmers, growers, manufacturers, brokers, or suppliers, or you offer another line of business that supports companies operating in the foodservice industry, The Food Connector works with you to build and execute on a strategic marketing communications plan that helps you realize your goals and position you for success.

The Food Connector helps foodservice businesses succeed through strategic marketing

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Position Your Business

The Food Connector understands the importance of positioning your company as a leader in the foodservice marketplace. We do this by building a better website for you, by ensuring your brand is communicating the right messages to grow your business, and by marketing your competitive advantages to the right audiences through social and digital media management. We develop and grow your digital presence, creating compelling content, and growing social media followers through engaging posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on YouTube.

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Add Value to Customers

The Food Connector ideates on marketing programs and events that add value and exposure for your customers, vendors, processors, and other alliances within the food marketplace. These unique and creative programs help grow your business and sell your products and services to a wider base. We also add value through on-trend blogs, newsletters, and subject matter expert videos.

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Get New Customers

We build sales strategically and keep the conversation going! At The Food Connector, we believe in building your business now and in to the future. We develop a marketing communications strategy that includes marketing plans that reach and engage existing and new customers. We create interactions with your products, services, and vendors that build a pipeline of leads and sales.

We continue to generate leads for your business and manage your growing database. We set up marketing programs that collect customer information, organizing all data into one succinct system and segmenting that into competitors, customers, and prospects. We set up on-going marketing programs to reach these respective segments and drive sales through targeted brand messaging and frequent touch points.

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Connect with Prospects

Connect with Prospects through digital marketing programs, on trend content and stories,  compelling calls to action and value-added programs and events.  LEARN MORE!

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