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Gain from a Smart Sustainability Strategy

People want to do business with environmentally conscious and community-minded companies.  Business leaders have found that a strong sustainability commitment results in increased ROI from cost savings, efficiency, and waste reduction, along with improved stock value and reputation. At the same time, an effective sustainability platform can protect organizations under considerable scrutiny from media, the supply chain, and even their own boards of directors.

  • A 2017 study finds that 86% of U.S. consumers expect companies to act on social/environmental issues. These beliefs are even stronger for the millennials poised to take over the economy.
  • Two-thirds of Americans feel that business will need to take the lead as government falters.
  • 78% of Americans feel a sense of responsibility to change purchase habits to positively impact the environment.

How Strong is Your Platform? The Food Connector Can Help!

How are you gaining from the advantages – and protecting yourself from the challenges – that a sustainability commitment offers? The Food Connector helps food companies identify, prioritize, and share progress about their sustainability commitments. We have experience to help at any stage – or from beginning to end:

  • Evaluate and Prioritize

Audit performance strengths, vulnerabilities and practices; analyze social engagement; identify alignments and gaps between company messages and stakeholder beliefs. 

  • Set Goals

SustainabilityCommit to ambitious and attainable targets aligned with existing programs. 

  • Engage Influencers

Identify and prioritize issues and recommend strategies for gaining influencer support and involvement. 

  • Articulate Messaging and Communications Strategy

Craft messaging and develop strategic programs to share goals, achievements, challenges and best practices. 

  • Implement Marketing Outreach

Share platform with partners in the supply chain, customers and consumers, demonstrating value upstream and down.

The Food Connector is an experienced resource to help you optimize a sustainability program and boost its impact with all of your most important audiences. In the process, it creates opportunities for higher returns for your company and its reputation… and for your community and for the environment.

To begin a conversation, let us conduct a complimentary topline audit of your sustainability presence to identify risks and opportunities.

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