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Connecting with Customers During COVID-19: Part 1

Jun 30 2020

The Food Connector was not named by accident. Many years ago, before digital was digital, we saw that making connections with food between buyers and sellers, between retailers and consumers and between chefs and diners was a strong urge that has followed humans since cave days. We believed then, and even more strongly now, that […]

Best Food Delivery Platforms

May 19 2019

When it comes to food being delivered to your doorstep in times of hunger, there’s no playing around. It needs to be fast and right! Restaurant operators are always seeking new methods of attracting customers, and partnering with a food delivery servic…

Foodborne Illness Increases in 2018

Apr 29 2019

Food safety is crucially important to foodservice professionals. Each step of the supply chain from plant to plate provides an opportunity for foods to become inflicted with bacteria and illness. In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce in the food i…

Prevent Cross-Contamination in Your Food Processing Facility

Jan 28 2019

Food processing facilities have to maintain the highest standards when handling food products, to ensure that food reaching consumers does not become contaminated. FSA explain how “cross-contamination is what happens when bacteria or other microorganis…

Important Things Restaurant Owners Should Know About Filtration

Sep 24 2018

Foodservice and restaurant businesses need to have good quality water. The quality of the food and beverages is why customers visit eating establishments regularly, so it’s crucial that they provide the best tasting food and drinks while maintaining proper hygiene every time, to every customer. Because the taste and quality of the water that is […]