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Food M&a Year In Review

Food M&A Year-in-Review 2022

Tamarack Partners is pleased to share its Food M&A Year-in-Review. Deal activity in 2022 was subdued relative to the prior year due to significantly higher than normal M&A levels in 2021 following the pandemic slowdown. Moreover, companies scaled back their investment appetites as they navigated inflation, rising interest rates and

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Foodservice Trends To Watch In

18 Foodservice Trends to Watch in 2023

Our foodservice digital marketing team from around the country has seen a number of economic, marketing and food trends that your business should consider this year: New Economic Conditions Use your social media and website to address continued recruiting challenges and acknowledge great employees to improve retention. Rising interest rates

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How Foodservice Distributors Can Use E Commerce To Increase Sales

How foodservice distributors can use e-commerce to increase sales

Adding e-commerce is a cost-effective way to increase sales for your foodservice distribution business. Frank O’Dowd from BFC Advisors, demystifies how to best use e-commerce for food distributors in a conversation with The Food Connector’s own food industry veteran and account manager Lloyd Oshiro. O’Dowd is managing director at BFC

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The Food Connector Your Next Company Event

Let Us Plan and Manage Your Next Foodservice Company Event

by Kristen Agin “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.”  Maya Angelo Being a foodservice CEO or Founder is a difficult spot to be in when it comes to tradeshow and company event

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Tips From Veteran M&a Advisor On Selling Your Food Company

Tips From Veteran M&A Advisor on Selling Your Food Company

Account Manager at The Food Connector and food industry specialist Lloyd Oshiro talks with Michael Kessler of Tamarack Partners about what food company owners should consider when they sell their business and the #1 thing they must do. Kessler also discusses the sale process, average timeline, and why market conditions

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