Musings on the Foodservice Industry

The Food Connector Foodservice Cheese

The mainstreaming of everything — and then nothing

By Ed Zimmerman Around 1968, when I was 10 years old, I have a vivid memory of grocery shopping at the A&P with my mom. In that first wide aisle, displayed was milk, cheese and other refrigerated foods. In the middle of the aisle, not in the refrigerator, was a large pile of Velveeta, stacked up from the floor. I asked my mom, “How come this cheese doesn’t need

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The Food Connector Nrm Podcast Foodservice Marketing

Best Practices for Successful Foodservice Marketing

Our own Ed Zimmerman recently sat down with Joe Issacs, Business Development Manager at NRM, to discuss best practices for successful foodservice marketing. Topics include: Leveraging digital marketing to turn cold calls into “warm calls” The importance of connecting with younger buyers How successful companies in foodservice have embraced technology to stay ahead Why it is crucial to “narrow” marketing

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The Food Connector Pizza Foodservice

Why Pizza Remains King

By Ed Zimmerman For those of us over 50, carry-out and delivery “back in the day” was pizza, Chinese or chicken. That was it. Those were the choices, and we were happy, but I’ll return to that later. In considering a to-go meal, these were the three choices, but pizza was always first. And the reason it was No. 1

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The Food Connector Foodservice Supply Chain

Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions

COVID-19 has created supply chain disruptions in every industry. Due to perishability, the food industry has been more disrupted than others. As the economy picks up, the pace of supply disruptions will increase. When the lockdowns first started, foodservice sales went to nearly zero and retail grocery sales zoomed ahead. Food manufacturers, especially the ones that served both segments, had to instantly

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The Food Connector Marketing

The Importance of Marketing in Tough Times

Marketing during tough times is essential to sustaining sales and supporting your customers. Below is a conversation with Chris Anatra from NECS about why marketing is more important now than ever. Topics include: What tools help food distributors market to prospects and existing customers Why it is so important to assemble a database How COVID-19 has accelerated the embrace of

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Letter National Restaurant Association

Now is the Time to Trim YOUR Menu

The pandemic has brought several new problems to the restaurant industry, such as lack of indoor dining, additional safety measures, and reduced capacity. In addition, it has put a spotlight on an existing problem for operators everywhere: menu bloat. Large menus with dozens and dozens of items create indecision for customers and invite increased performance demands on staffs that are

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Open Sign

Connecting with Customers During COVID-19

In this COVID reality — how can you connect? First, what is connection? Dictionary.com defines connecting as “joining or linking things together, especially so as to provide access and communication.” Access and communication — having your product available for purchase and telling the story of WHY it should be purchased. Second, it is important to think through time frame. In the midst

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Dining Room

Best Food Delivery Platforms

When it comes to food being delivered to your doorstep in times of hunger, there’s no playing around. It needs to be fast and right! Restaurant operators are always seeking new methods of attracting customers, and partnering with a food delivery servic…

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Foodborne Illness Increases in 2018

Food safety is crucially important to foodservice professionals. Each step of the supply chain from plant to plate provides an opportunity for foods to become inflicted with bacteria and illness. In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce in the food i…

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