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Create Success Beyond The Hire

Create Success Beyond The Hire

By Joe DeBilio

You or your food industry recruiting consultant has done all of the recruiting groundwork. You took the time and had the process in place to make the right hiring decision and got someone hired. You need to make sure you’ve got a food industry specific system in place to create success beyond the hire or you may be looking to filling the role again – soon.

Often food company owners or managers lose interest in people as soon as they hire them. They make the mistake of believing they now have someone with the talent, experience, and skills to meet the needs of the role in their business. They are surprised when the person feels isolated, flounders, and doesn’t meet expectations at the speed required. You need to create or get help creating a post-employment success integration plan for all new key employees.

Start with a two-week full immersion plan that give them one on one interaction with all the other people and departments they need to know about. Or get food industry recruiting consultant to create one for you. Don’t just park someone at a desk or in the warehouse, wait, and hope for the best.

Next, get help developing a written role plan with goals, objectives, and measurable step by step benchmarks. Something specific to your company and developed by someone who already knows the food industry. Generic HR plans will not help your business or the new hire. Get the 90-day onboarding and training plan in place and discuss with your new hire.

Include specific numbers and timelines. If you have been heads down running your business or department for years, get help. Use a food industry recruiting consultant that knows the current food industry market on salaries, commissions, and bonuses. Someone who knows the quirks of our broad, if somewhat tribal industry. For many sales, business development, and management roles a bonus plan may be applicable. Put together or have a food industry recruiting consultant create an achievable detailed bonus plan.

Now, with an immersive, personalized introduction to your food business, specific goals, an objectives plan with benchmarks, and a clear path to their comp plan and bonuses, your new food industry hire will be enthusiastic and ready to succeed.

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