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Make The Right Hiring Decision

Make The Right Hiring Decision

By Joe DeBilio

Once you have done the recruiting groundwork, use food industry specific tools and processes to help you successfully making the right hiring decision. Before you start contacting candidates understand or get an experienced food industry recruiting consultant to identify the need specific to your kind of company. There are differences in the talents and skills needed from the right candidate to fit in for food production versus food distribution, small business vs large operation, and family-owned versus vs corporate-owned. Create clarity in advance on the job’s compensation structure.

Many internal Human Resources are inadequate to hire the entrepreneurial people and specialists needed for food industry jobs. They are generalists and typically hire the safest candidate. An independent food industry recruiting consultant can help prioritize the most needed talents, experiences, and personalities. They are on the lookout for a breakout candidate that will help your business succeed.

After you or your food industry recruiting consultant finds and screens resumes, but before interviewing anyone, have a talent scoring matrix developed. There are specific ones developed for different food industry roles. Use or have your food industry consultant use this matrix during both the phone and after the in-person interviews. If you’re too busy, an unbiased, independent consultant can also get qualified candidates screened, interviewed, and scored. They can move candidates to the “2 yard line” so owners or managers can do the final interview and hiring decision.

When the screening, interviews, and candidate scoring are done you can feel confident to make a job offer. You can then develop a new hire plan that will create success beyond the hire.

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