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18 Foodservice Trends to Watch in 2023

Foodservice Trends To Watch In

Our foodservice digital marketing team from around the country has seen a number of economic, marketing and food trends that your business should consider this year:

New Economic Conditions

  • Use your social media and website to address continued recruiting challenges and acknowledge great employees to improve retention.
  • Rising interest rates will make receivables more expensive. Time to reevaluate customer credit limits.
  • Fuel costs and inflation continues to stabilize. Shift to an audit of labor duplication and physical footprint.
  • Have a plan for serving convenience stores. It’s the new battleground for foodservice.
  • Supply chains and shipping times improving. Double check reorder levels to prevent excess inventory.

Better Marketing and Branding

  • Reduce annual overhead and fixed costs by outsourcing tasks to an on-demand marketing agency.
  • Buyers exposed to 4k-10k advertisements a day. How will you make your brand stand out this year?
  • Look to work smarter, not harder this year. Digital marketing is your low-cost sales rep to touch thousands of customers and prospects with a single click
  • Leverage the power of branded QR codes on all your print, trade show and digital materials to convert more leads
  • Use more short-form, authentic videos to drive your brand message and capture leads
  • Redefine your foodservice sales process to match how B2B customers now want to be pitched.
  • In person trade shows are back. Make them more productive with a detailed plan.
  • Recruiting is a strategic competitive advantage. Improve recruiting with new website and social media tools.
  • Add e-commerce and online payments to meet growing digital expectations of distributor customers.

Food, Flavor and Menu Items     

  • More mainstream use of avocado oil in packaged products like potato chips and mayonnaise.
  • Sweet and spicy the hot flavor trend this year, used in new categories like desserts, honey and cocktails.
  • Convenience and grab and go is here to stay. Modify your brand or restaurant to meet the growing trend.
  • Customer demand growing for sustainable and local sourced ingredients, with an eye toward reducing food waste.
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